Can This Be Made In Yii And Can Someone Be My Mentor


I want to make a application which can do the following.

  1. Adding and editing users which can change things.

  2. Adding members which cannot log in.

  3. Adding plans to which members can choose.

  4. Making invoices so the members can pay for the plan.

Can this be done by a beginner in Yii and PHP ?


If you are having knowledge about PHP, then easily you can do these things in Yii, just need to follow some tutorials. Also for any kinds of help wiki, forum etc. available on Yii Framework site.


Any recommendations on some good books so I can learn more about PHP and some tutorials I can follow.

I was thinking myself about this book : Web Application Development with Yii and PHP


visit -

Follow larry ullman book, if u know php then it will very helpful


As I said I was thinking about that book.

First find a book to extend my php knowlegde. I know some basic php and this look OOP-php to me.


Stop thinking … Start your work . You automatically know how YII works … Follow YII Forum. Google. Youtube. If you have any prob then share your prob . YII forum Members definitely help you…

Also I suggest take a look at Agile Software Development and break your project to several iterations.

I believe Project Management is very important at the beginning.without a good plan you have to repeat everything you wrote.

if you have OOP vision that’s enough.take a look at php courses on w3 school and read Yii guides and API documents.if something is difficult to understand,leave it for future.start with easy ones.try to imagine how a class would be helpful in your project when you reading it.

No Yii2 books yet am aware of. Follow guide

What do you mean by someone be your mentor?