Can no longer connect to my local version of site using embedded http server

For a long time, I have been using the embedded http server using the php yii serve & command. Yesterday I decided to make a new git clone of my remote site. From this time, I can no longer connect to the local copy of mysite using this embedded server.
It leads to a page that says : (I translate from French thus it could be slightly different)

Secure connection failed An error happened while connecting to localhost:8080. PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR
The page you try to visit cannot be displayed because authenticity of data cannot be verified.
Please contact the owners of the web site to inform them of the trouble.

I also have the same trouble trying to run a fresh basic app installation.

I remember having already faced the same trouble in the past but I dont remember how I solved it ?
Help would be welcome.

What’s the URL you’re using?

http://localhost:8080/ or https://localhost:8080/? It looks like SSL error issued by the browser.