Can I use "yii2-coding-standards" for yii3?

I just want to make sure if yii2 coding standards are valid for yii3 development. If not, then releasing yii3 coding standards would be helpful. Even if some documentation is there, that’s perfect. Devs can create ruleset to be followed by phpcs.


Yii 2 is almost PSR-2 with some adjustments. Yii 3 is PSR-12 with some additional rules. They’re not really compatible.

Having a full ruleset would be helpful but we’re not going to introduce it anytime soon, busy with the code itself while code style is handled by StyleCI.

Make sense. Actually I am using grumphp to execute most of such tasks on developers machines. with yii2 coding standards, It works out of the box. But yeah I’ve noticed. yii3 coding standards are different.

is it safe to setup PSR-12 conding standards for grumphp?

I haven’t used grumphp so I have no idea. But PSR-12 is alright for Yii 3.

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