Can I to use different database to auth user in one application?

I have two irrelevant part in one application and I want to use different user databases and authentication methods to login users. Is this possible? How can I do this? Thanks.

Yes possible. Here is a clue

It will be a little messy but doable. You will however need to refer to the correct connection when makeing your queries or inserts.

$connect1 = Yii::app()->db;

$connect2 = Yii::app()->anotherDB;

Thanks for your advise but actually I can use different tables in one db. It’s my fault to emphasize ‘different databases’.

The really tricky part is how do I rewrite UserIdentity or something to realize this two different login methods.

e.g. You can only login to in using tbl_user_b and the identity are not recognized in which should only be logged in via using tbl_user_a

I think this is really difficult because I have to rewrite many things including userIdentity, cookie, session or something.

If you are writing a multitenant app why not just use a clientID field instead of trying to keep separate tables for users at different domains.