Can I disable default `expand` behaviour?

How can I disable default expand behaviour?
Didn’t find how this can be managed.

I have several relations setup in the models.
But for some reason I want to assign custom relation behaviour on the existing one.

Example: https://….?expand=attributes
But in this case I want to get results with a translations $modelQuery->with('translatedAttributes') not with attributes.

API is public and anyone can start using expand unexpectable.
As I can see this expand will use lazy load in this case, so each of the record will generate a number
of the requests for each of the expand item.

I want to prevent this functionality using by default.

If i understand you correctly, both of your problems can be solved by simply overwriting the BaseActiveRecord::extraFields() method like this in your model:

public function extraFields()
    return ['attributes' => 'translatedAttributes'];


Big thanks, it works.