Can access to an action be limited to one user at a time?

I will be building a new Yii2 application for a print shop. Print jobs will be entered in the Job model with a status of "pre-press". Staff members will process the jobs by viewing the update form, do whatever offline things they need to do, then submitting the form with a new status.

I need to either prevent viewing of the form by a user if any other user is viewing it, or at least display a message that someone else is working this particular job and disable the form.

I don’t have anything written yet, I am just looking for some general ideas of how to approach the problem.

instead of controlling the view, you can assign the open jobs to users. Only the open jobs will be available to view. Assigned jobs only for the respective users. You may set rules for assignment like within how many hours the job should be completed after taking assignment, rating of the user based on completion time etc

That is a good idea. I was thinking along the lines of some sort of lock when the page was loaded and unlocked on the loading of any other page, but I will take your approach into consideration, thanks.