can a controller call a method in another controller?

Hi again

Today I have a simple question,

I have two controllers, Person and Things

In the controller Things y have a public method 'funnyThings'

class ThingsController extends CController



   public function funnyThings()


      //... obtains data from his model

     return array(/*the data in form 'key'=>'value'*/);




Now in PersonController I want to do something like that, but I can't

class PersonController extends CController



   public function actionShow ()


      // obtains the person data in $person


      $things = ThingsController::funnyThings(); // This is what not works





It does not work… the following error apears:

YiiBase::include(ThingsController.php) [<a href='yiibase.include'>yiibase.include</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Any idea?

May be I am doing all wrong!!!

You need to import/include the class file before referencing the class.

You should also consider refactoring your code by putting the commonly used method into a separate class. It is not so nice to call a controller method in another controller.

Yes. Well, I will explain further so you can show me the correct way to do…

Person has many things.

Then I have two models (AR) Person and Class.

The crud command creates views for both.

I want to use the admin view of Things as part of the show view of Person. But the admin view of Things need some parameters ($sort, $pages, $thingsList), and because exist a method (actionAdmin) that already does that, I just want to use that method (to say better I make a method named funnyThings that it's exactly equal to actionAdmin, except that actionAdmin renders a view and funnyThings returns an array, —note: the common code between these two methods is already in another private function in ThingsController, so I no repeat the same twice).

May be exists another way to do what i want, but sincerely I don't know how.

Does the private method reference any member variable of the controller instance? If not, you may declare it as a public static method. And then you can call this method from anywhere. A better approach would be creating a new class and move this method into the new class.

Yes, the method is exactly like the actionAdmin (the one that is made by crud command), except that actionAdmin renders the view "admin").

If that's the case, you may create an action class with a property to allow configuring which view to render. Then you can reuse this action class in both controllers.

Ok, I will try in this direction now, but… Where in the skeleton I must put that class? In components? in that case, I must declare a component? or in the actions method of my controllers?

You can save the class file under components directory. You then need to declare this action in your controllers' actions() method.

OK, thanks for the answers…