Can A Ajax Function Be Coded In Controller Whos Data Appears In Another Contrrollers View In Yii

I wanna a ajax call to be in a controllerB(of modelB).ajax call’s data to be render in viewA(of modelA) .

Actually more over you can say its a recursive call i.e, using viewA call controllb/viewb via ajax in turn when data is saved it should (controllerb)must call an ajax function to update the content in viewA

viewA–ajaxcall–>controllerB/viewB -------> after data saved---->controllerB/viewB-updates---->viewA

Can i have something like this in the controllerB

'ajax'  => array(

    'dataType' => 'text',

    'type' => 'post',

    'url' => Yii::app()->createUrl('controllerA/viewA'),

    'update' => '#param_id1',          // #param_id1 is in viewA

         'data' => array('ref' => 'js:this.value'),


Can it happen ?

If Yes Explan the Working of Code.