CamelCase files not found on linux


I noticed today that I have a problem with CamelCase filenames on a linux system.

Currently I am developing an application on a Mac using MAMP Pro. I have no issues with CamelCase filenames. However, when I upload my application to an Linux server I get 404 errors. The problem occurs with filenames that have more then 1 CamelCase letters. For example: UserRightsController doesn’t work. I get a 404 on that. However, when I call the controller UserrightsController it works…? I prefer the CamelCase filenames. Is there a way to solve this problem? Never experienced this before…


Yii doesn’t use camelcase, so you will need to adjust your controller names. “I prefer the CamelCase filenames”; if you that having CamelCase names is important, then you will need to extend Yii to do this. However, IMHO, this is so minor that it isn’t worth writing code for.

Ok, i see. Thanks for the tip!

What’s at issue? It is Yii 2 forum btw, and Yii 2 does a great job on mapping CamelCaseController to camel-case route out of the box.

CamelCase filenames did not work on my hosting server (Linux). It works fine on a Mac. That makes it a little odd, that in Linux it doesn’t work. Use less camel case files now. So it works now. It was a good workaround.