Calling a method within Portlet when submitting form

I have a Portlet that contains a form. Now what I want to achieve is the following.

  1. A Porlet containing a form is called within a page via

<?php $this->widget('form'); ?>

  1. The user fills in this form and clicks on submit "The submit button should be an ajax button"

  2. When submit has been pressed the form should call a method within the form portlet class and the form should be replaced with a Thank you message.

  3. I only want the current view in the portlet replaced with another view.

My portlet class looks like this


class Polls extends CPortlet{


    public $usr_id=''; 



    public function init(){


        $cs = Yii::app()->clientScript;





    protected function renderContent(){    




    public function update(){






Any advise, help would be highly appreciated.

Check out the manual of CWidget, in particular the actionPrefix property and the actions() method.