Call to undefined method Rights::t()

i am a newbie, and i am using yii user and rights extension. at first when ever i get login i get this error

Call to undefined method Rights::getAuthorizer()

, so after two days of experiment and research i finally found the solution in main.php i change

class->RWebuser to class->webuser

now i can login, and even i can work with rights, accept assign new roles, but now as i am an admin, i cannot access any controller.

like when i type ( localhost/business/address ) i get this pathetic error ( Call to undefined method Rights::t() )

In my each controller, i extend the class by RController and add "rights" in filter. I install yii user and rights through this link.

I do not know what is the problem, the same code was working fine until i did some changes in my database and synchronize it, i am using mysqlworkbench. But now i am stuck, do not know what to do.