Call module via controller URL (/<controllerid>/<moduleid>/...)

Hello everybody,

i hope there is no other thread like this one. I have found none. I don’t know if it is clear what i want. I give an example:

At the Moment i have my backend under http://localhost/cms/.backend. There is a controller that manages the users: http://localhost/cms/.backend/user/. And i have installed a module with which I can use the rbac. Until now i can call this module via http://localhost/cms/.backend/rights but i want to call it via http://localhost/cms/.backend/user/rights/. You can see here, that the rights module is a module "of" the controller (only in the url).

Is this in any way possible?! I haven’t seen any tutorial about settings those hierarchical architecture. My first thought was that I make a module called “User” and put there a module called “Rights”. But I don’t know if I can do this – I must say that i have not the time at the moment to test this.

Thanks for all posts ;D

The answer is: nested modules.

I have to create a module in the application and set there the submodule.