Call for help: Yii Internationalization

I understand everyone's will to help with the i18n effort. However and because I have contributed to other FOSS projects, translating once and committing the translations is just not enough. The initial translation is the first step. You must be sure that you will keep the translations updated as new releases of Yii come out. Since Yii includes many contributed languages, the persons that helped in translating must at least be sure to spare some time in maintaining the translations.

I guess you have enough Chinese translators. If you still need one, I am a ready candidate.

Hi Qiang,

I would like to translate about "1.0.x Class Reference" also.

Is there the method to perform it?

Or are you enabled in the future?

We do not have plan to translate class reference for now. It is much more difficult and involves tremendous effort.


We do not have plan to translate class reference for now. It is much more difficult and involves tremendous effort.

I see.


Hi qiang. can you add me on the list for italian translation?

Already added you…did you get my email?

Portuguese-Brazil translator at your command!! ^^

Hi qiang.

can you please add Farsi/Persian Language too the list I'm volunteer to translate Yii to that language

core framework messages, russian.

google account: iabramov

Hi everyone!

Is there anyone please guide me how to configure internationalization on Yii? Or Can you show me what page does this? I have search and read in Yii cook book, but I still not able to image what I need to do!

Thank you!

Hi Qiang

would u please put me as Portuguese translator?


Has anybody looked at how the Cake dudes are doing their documentation/translation?

They actually wrote an engine (about 2 years ago) which handles all the pages and languages. If the translation is out-dated, the translated page or paragraph will get a [color="#FF0000"]WARNING[/color] message, seen by everybody that something has changed in the original copy of the document, so be aware.

I think we’d need something like this because the popularity of Yii is growing bigger and bigger every day :)

Just an idea. Thoughts?


That’d be a great enhancement, Imre!

In addition, I’d mark each documentation page as to which framework version they are suitable for.

So foreigners won’t give up when they see outdated docs only because they believe it’s invalid. (They could be directed to the changelog to see the differences, though.)

Hi, I have Yii error message translated into Thai language (th), I would like to contribute to Yii by providing such translation, which is in the attached file. :rolleyes: How can I send this to yii team?


I’ve already implemented it at Can share source code if needed.

add me for portuguese help translation

Hi Qiang

I have send you a PM with my Gmail account some days ago. Could you please set me up for danish translation, when you get the time? No stress - just wanted to notice you in case you do not read your PM’s :rolleyes:


Why ukrainian translation of yii core messages, that is available in yii core is absent in YiiDoc project? I need to add it there if i wont to correct this translation?

Yes, feel free to do it.