Call for help: Yii Internationalization

Would it be useful to translate into languages like Filipino who mostly use English, I was thinking there is a greater chance of more local popularity if it is in the national language?


There is a difference between the guide ( and the helper application index.php in SVN.

When I turn the page to Japanese by clicking, japanese toc.txt is displayed according to the langueage in terms of the helper application of the index.php. On the ohter hand, it is not shown in the guide.

Please fix it some day.

The version you saw on is 1.0.2, which does not have the Japanese toc yet. We will update it when 1.0.3 comes out.


The version you saw on is 1.0.2, which does not have the Japanese toc yet. We will update it when 1.0.3 comes out.

Sorry for my confusion. Actually, I am looking at *.txt in SVN using a helper application of the document. Though I knew other documents exist only in SVN, but I forgot that the toc.txt exists only in SVN as well.

How about source files and translation for the blog tutorial?

Let's translate the blog tutorial a month later so that it is stable enough.

Hey there,

Regarding translation of messages, about the pair [key|english] => [value|translation]:

I was wondering: wouldn't be more convenient if the key english message was copied into value message already?

I have to copy paste the message myself every time. I guess I can make a simple php to do all copy/paste work, but I am not familiar with regular exp​ressions to make a more advanced script.

Do you feel what I am talking about to be a good idea?

Well, as far as I understand, if your souce language is English and target is English also, you don't need the en_US (or en_*) file, if translation is not found, key is shown. Am I right, Qiang?

I think he/she means to have the the messages duplicated in the right hand side as a starting point for the translation. I use to do this too, but it might just complicating things in other languages, I guess. If implemented, a separate template for translations would be better since we would need a clear indication that the right hand isn't yet translated.

Question to Qiang: When will the final 1.0.3 merge to trunk take place? (EST, GMT/UTC or CEST.  ;))

I just did the final merge.

Why you need to copy the source message? If the target message is empty, the source message will be used.

I was thinking of a script, as Tri put it.

A script that will fill those [value|translation] empty messages with english version. In this way, the translator would not be forced to copy&paste every [key|english] message into the [value|translation] message.

Anyway, I've just finished translating …by copying and pasting…

And another question: How do you guys maintain/find the source (the file with the ID matching your translation) to be able to compare that version with a new source (that has a new ID)?

Until now, I couldn't think of a better method than simply copy the source into a separate folder, and in the future, compare my source with an eventual new source of the file (with a new ID).

Did you check README? You can use the following command:

build message …/framework/messages/config.php

I still don't understand why you would need to copy&paste…you are supposed to fill in values with translated messages, not source messages.

Hi guys, I´m from Colombia, I would like to participate in the spanish group.

Best regards

Thank you, ing.espitaleta! Could you PM me your gmail account?


I was doing some of the Spanish translations. Could you tell me if the way i was doing and committing them to the SVN are correct.


Yes, it looks good to me. Did you try the included index.php to view your translation online?


2. I can't think of a good way to synchronize the guide translations. Perhaps each page translation should keep a revision ID of the original page so that in future a new revision is found with the original page, the translation can be synchronized accordingly.

We do this in translation of the PHP Manual.


  • EN-Revision is which revision of the source file this translation is based on

  • Maintainer is the owner of this file (who to contact if you want changes)

  • Status is ready (will be published) or draft

revcheck.php has been used to create the following statistical pages:…eck.php?p=intro

As a translator you want to know as soon as possible when a source file has changed and get a diff between the previous and the current version. Whenever we are able to track changes between the translated files revision and the source files revision we could setup email notifications to translators which includes proper diffs.

Qiang, I sent you a PM with my details.


I want to join for intenationalization, i want to contribute to translate in Indonesia.



Hi Qiang so what can I help about??, I´m from Colombia, and I offer to translate as huge as I can!

Best regards!