Call for developers: Command line-free Yii-t want to!

We beginners also want to use Yii. How to run on Windows?

Install WampServer:

Add the location of php-cli to your global PATH environment variable, so that you can run yiic.bat from a command prompt.

If you installed ‘wamp’ in C:, the go into c:\wamp\www and run ‘yiic.bat webapp newwebapp’ and that’s (basically) it.

Hi Jacmoe,

Thanks your reply.

I asked lot of things on Hungarian forum but I haven’t got any answer there.

So I did everything alone but I was very slowly with it.

Well nearly two week try to start use the Yii.

Now already I can build up a new Yii app but after I have problem to run the CRUD or Gii now.

I can quickly installed FlexicaCMS work fine and two day later no database connection.

Try to install the Phundament CMS but no database connection and when run the installation nothing do in Mysql database but Yiic say installation complete and after when I want to start use I got lot of error on the screen. I tried to install the Yii Playground and Dotplant as well but I think one year later I’ll try again and then I can fix it what the developer team forget or can’t write a good install guide what is understandable for everyone. Copy here, and there and path this and that and of course use many special words what a foreigner can’t understand and can’t find in dictionary as well. So that is why I a bit bored to learn Yii. I put into the garage my hammer enough far from me because brand new my computer.

My problem on internet can find lot of instructions everywhere but the tutorials are made on Unix, Linus or Mac and them command line routine don’t want to run on Windows DOS command line. I think everything run well on my WAMP server because I have no problem with WolfCMS or Drupal or WaveMaker. I start to learn php and before start I choice a good work platform for it. That is why I try more applications and try to learn with Yii now maybe easer way with Joomla but I think no future in it. I also learn UML so quit big my study project :)

You can see on Hungarian forum how many information I must collect for my Yii Windows 7 x64 of installation.

I try to help others and some information to translate into Hungarian and I opened two other topics as well:

But there no any activity in members there no anyone or just only 1or2 how write a word reply or for others and more members just made for himself link marketing with an opened topics.

Can you help me with a little information?

Are you know any tutorial for build up a project with Yii step by step.

I want to learn what kind of the Yii programming of structure because after I want to do again the same lesson exercise in UML case diagram and find out what is the logical contact between.

I attached few picture Yii of Case diagram.

I also want to make for myself a code & string database library for quick help to learn and translate the descriptions but I cant find any excel or other form wheat I can convert easer to mysql database. Any good for me HTML, PHP, Javascript, XML, Yii. Convert from Yii HTML document is very complicate. Regards