Call controller method internally

Hello, I've got a question:

I want to make a controller which gets a parameter from URL, lets say an id or a name (string) of the menu (stored in database). This particular menu row holds a data about the route (controller, action and its values). It means that when I enter URL lets say "index.php?value=Page about website", default controller finds by the value (Page about website) a menu row with its controller,action and values and calls it. So I can internally render the content.

The question is. How would it be possible from a controller to call another controller's action and to pass also values to that method?

You can call Yii::app()->runController($route). However, I think it is better to be done by redirecting the user browser to the route.

Thanks!:) I did it and it looks like -


class MenuController extends CController



	private $mcValue;		

	public $defaultAction='show';


	public function actionShow()


		$this->mcValue = (isset($_GET['value'])) ? $_GET['value'] : 'informacija';


		$menuContent = MenuContent::model()->find('value=:value', array(':value'=>$this->mcValue));			


		$controller =  Yii::app()->createController($menuContent->menu->controller);