Call another controller action using renderPartial


i have problem in calling action from different controller using renderPartial.

I have one controller SiteController. In which i call action from another controller


But i get following error

SiteController cannot find the requested view "Abc/_jobList".

How can i solve it??

You can use the alias path:


Thanks. It helps me

You can use shortly:

$this->renderPartial("//Abc/_jobList", array('value' => $value));

$this->renderPartial("//post/_view", array('value' => $value));


    it is giving me error do we need to make any relation for above statement,It is giving me undefined model error

Actually Im Call _form page of another model on current working model have any suggestions plz help me thank you…!

No we don’t require define any relation. you have to just pass


othercontroller= your controller where _form belongs to.

_jobList = your _form of that controller

Try it

It looks like your problem has been resolved, congratulations.

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