Call action inside another view with parameters

Hi , Please is it possible to call a function from a different controller inside a another view

I have a view post/view.php ; and I have a controller CommentController.php

inside CommentController I have function create

public function Create($cmt, $pid, $rid)


        $model = new Comments();

        $acc_comment = new AxComment;

        if ($model->load(Yii::$app->request->post()) )


	   $acc_comment->CreateComment($model, $pid, $rid);

           return $this->redirect(['chn/channel', 'id' => $cmt]);


        return $this->renderPartial('_form', [

            'model' => $model,



I want to call this action inside post/view

use frontend\controllers\CmmtController;

$cmmt = new CmmtController();

  <div class="crForm-comment">

      <?php echo $cmmt->Create($model->channel->channel_uid, $model->post_id, $model->user_id);  ?>


I get this error :

Missing argument 1 for yii\base\Controller::__construct(), called in I:\zzerver\uwmp-php7\u7000\www\yii2b\frontend\views\post\view.php on line 15 and defined

use the helper provided by yii

<div class="crForm-comment">

<?php echo Yii::$app->runAction('comment/create', [

  'channel_uid' => $model->channel->channel_uid,

  'post_id' => $model->post_id, 

  'user_id' => $model->user_id,

]); ?>


thank you it’s working