Call a action in different action with a same controller

hi everyone,

anybody can explain me that how could we call a different action or method in a action of controller.

for eg:- public function actionAbc(){


there i want to call a method of a same controller.




i am stuck with a syntax of Yii.anybody can help me here to solve my this problem.

Thanks in advance…!!

NOTE: are you using Yii 1.0.0 ? as you posted in that section!

If the action is in the same controller you use


Sorry but i am using Yii 1.1.7 now.but dont know where to post a thread related this version.


i have already use this syntax but it doesn’t work for me… :(

NOTE: moved to General Discussion for Yii1.1.x

Are the both methods in the same controller class?.. Do the method that you are calling return a value?..

Can you post your code… those two methods…

Actually i am trying to call a action which is using by ajax request url.

That is why i define this as a action in controller. and now i want to call this ajax action Url in in different action on run time…!!

i am using a custom ajax here on a view file…

and now i am just trying to call this ajax action in my different action.

You did not post any code… so I’m not sure I understand your need…

Is this example helping you:

public function actionAjax1()


   echo "action1";


public function actionAjax2()


   $val = $this->actionAjax1();

   echo $val;

   echo "action2";


if you call ajax1 you will get the ouotput "action1"… if you call ajax2 you will get "action1action2"…

thanks for your help sir…its work for me…!!

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