Calendar With Events From Database

Hi there!

Im looking for any type of calendar that can handle events from database. I wanna get view from month, week and day with adding/editing events for users depending on roles. Im using for roles. Idea is that user can see his own events(create/edit them) + general events. Users with role ‘Parent’ can see their events (students can`t) + general events etc.

I`m still new in Yii, maybe there is extension for this that I overlooked, maybe not.

Week view like this:

And day view like google calendar with day plan.

I would also appreciate any help like idea how to do this. Should I create table to handel date and events separately ? How should i display it in my view ? Srsly… any idea is priceless

Thx for any answer ;)

This is what i use. i really liked it. its simple easily customazible and have a good visual style . Also if you are familiar with php+ajaax+javascript its easy to change its requests to your need.;)

Thx it looks very nice. I will try to implement it into my site. I hope i can hendle it ;)

[EDIT]: Ok it looks nice, now I have 2 questions (I will try to handle it by myself but in the meantime I can ask you)

  1. Can I add something like - user has role lvl 2. Can I add event with event_role=2 and then use it on display ? Something like for users with lvl2 display only events with lvl < 2.

  2. Can I use it like widget ? How should I do it to fully integrate it with site ?