calendar in form


I would like to have a date field in a form, where i can choose the date by clicking a small calendar next to it.

I am using CactiveForm. I found several php realisations on the net. Is there one ready in the yii framework? I couldn’t find one so far.

Thanks for your reply!

i’m not sure if yiiframework contains a datepicker… but at least there existing extensions for it… best would be if you just search ;)

Good example of using CJuiDatePicker in CActiveForm

Documentation of CJuiDatePicker @

I ended up using jui’s EDatePicker. I copied the extension to my protected/extension folder, and it works like a charm. Here is my code:

 <?php $this->widget('application.extensions.jui.EDatePicker',



          'attribute'=>'del_timestamp', // Model attribute filed which hold user input

          'model'=>$model,            // Model name









Thanks for the advice!