Calculated attribute in AR, how to reference DB atributes whitin the object?

Hi! How can I use a calculated attribute in AR, the sum of two database fields, for instance?

I tried to add a method in the model class like this:


abstract class BaseClase extends ActiveRecord {

public static function getTotal() {

	return $this->minor + $this->major;	


My test code is:

$clase = Clase::model()->findByPk(1);			

echo $clase->othervalue; //This attribute reference works fine

echo $clase->total;  //This raises an error.

I get this error: Using $this when not in object context

What I’m doing wrong? ‘minor’, ‘major’, and ‘othervalue’ are fields in the database and attributes of the AR.

Your function should not be “static”. Just remove that word from getTotal() and you’re good.

Oh, i’m a dork! I copied it from another method and never realizes about the static modificator. Thank you Karl!