Calculate amount of ressources (RAM + CPU) of a script

Hi there,

I don’t know if it’s possible to calculate the amount of ressources used after the execution of a script (RAM + CPU).

I’m working on a projet with a script which can be called 40’000 or 50’000 time a day and I want to be sure that my server is able to handle this situation.

Thanks in advance :)

If you want to be sure that your server is working correctly and not fall, I suggest you to use a variety of tools for monitoring system resources (if your server is Linux, see commands "free", "htop")

Thanks for your reply :) Yes, I’m gonna have this kind of tools on my server, for sure. But I haven’t buy it yet… And the amount of CPU and RAM in it depends on the ressources required by my different scripts. I want to sized my server before the launching :)