CActiveRecordBehavior error


i have a problem i wrote behavior to checking user permission to model, and i it works perfect when this code is executed:

SFile::model()->findAll('folder_id = '.$model->id)

but when i use relation i doesn’t work


This behavior simply add relation on fly to active record using metadadata.

To check permissions i used seperate table and onBeforeFind event just simply and criteria:

$criteria->with = array('permission'=>array(

                'joinType'=>'INNER JOIN',

                'on'=>$this->permissionLevel.' IN '.$this->createInArray($options).' AND '.$this->userFK.'= :userid',





So my question is why this code works when performing simple findAll and how can i do this in relation?

Simple scenario is when i have to tables and activerecords like folder and files and files have this behavior attached? Please any help?


sorry for my language