Cactiverecord Not Generating Objects Properly From Left Join?

Hello All!

I am a bit confused and have been browsing the forums for about 2 hours now and am coming up short on finding a sufficient answer to my current problem. The problem I’m currently experiencing is that I am generating a model that isn’t creating objects from a LEFT JOIN I have added to the query. I am purposely testing that objects are created even if null values are returned by the query.

Error Message:

Trying to get property of non-object

Attached below is a picture of the query results, t6_c3 with a null value but when I use

$model = PropertyAuction::model()->auctionDetails()->active()->findByPk($id);

and then try accessing the object data I am receiving the error above.


[NOTE] If i add data it creates the objects fine. I have a fully composed alternative ID (with values, no nulls) and it functions properly(I’m using that word rather loosely in this case).

And before I go I’d like to thank anyone in advance for: any time spent reviewing this post and or any time spent suggesting/offering advice!

Thanks guys!