CActiveForm with Jquery AJAX

I need a Yii expert to answer my problem,

  • I really like Yii’s ‘CActiveForm’ powerful features to create a form from a model, but i am unable to find it is fully supporting Jquery Ajax features, i need the CActiveForm to be submitted ONLY in AJAX, and after the form is successfully submitted, i need the form div to be slideup and then thankyou msg to fade in Jquery,

is it possible to achieve this functionality using CActiveForm and possibly using Jquery AJAX, call in the form ?

Key thoughts

  • its important for me to generate the form from a DB table (which CActiveForm, does perfectly save time in validation etc) on the otherhand its really important for the UI design for me to use the Jquery/AJAX and ANIMATION to make the website really stands out of the rest



Yes, it’s absolutely possible.

You’ll have to create the jQuery for the slides and fades to the thank you etc. but that should be very straight forward and easy to add to your success portion of the ajax submission.

is possible to post a sample simple code snippet ? i would be very thankful if you can, i am very new to yii, infact i learn it last week…