cactiveform with ajaxSubmitButton

Im trying to switch on validateOnSubmit with ajaxSubmitButton, but it didn’t work well.

<?php $form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(









)); ?>

some form elements

echo CHtml::submitButton('Add',array('user/newOrganization'));

echo CHtml::ajaxSubmitButton('Add',array('user/newOrganization'));

ajaxValidation working good. and validates a specific fields when it’s changed.

When i click on first Add button, validation before submit, work good. But when i press ajax Add button, validation before submit doesn’t work.

Maybe i can use beforeSend of ajaxOptions for ajaxSubmitButton, and trigger ajax validation process.

Or any othes soluteion ?

Take a look at this wiki.

Instead of use an ajax link, use the onSubmit of the form. If you follow the wik you can avoid to use the validate on submit.

This topic is rather old, but still an issue I had to deal with. I came up with a solution that is not as nice as I would have liked, but works.

The basic idea is use what is working of each button, by that I mean that I create two buttons (submitButton and ajaxSubmitButton) and hide the ajaxSubmitButton. Once you click the submitButton, it will do the validation, but I stop the submit action from being done. If there were no errors, then I use the ajaxSubmitButton that was hidden to submit the form.

To do that without the need of creating the functionality each time you are going to use it, I simply extend CHtml:



class THtml extends CHtml {

	//This method allows to have a working ajaxSubmitButton that validates before doing the actual data submission

	//This requires the form to have the afterValidate param set to the ajaxAfterValidate function

	// 'afterValidate'=>'js:ajaxAfterValidate'

	public static function ajaxSubmitValidatedButton($label,$url,$ajaxOptions=array(),$htmlOptions=array()){







		$ajaxHtmlOptions['id'] = 'submitAjax_'.$id;


		$buttons = parent::ajaxSubmitButton($label,$url,$ajaxOptions,$ajaxHtmlOptions);


		$buttons .= parent::submitButton($label,$htmlOptions);






		$cs->registerScript('Yii.THtml.#' . $id, 

			"$('body').on('submit','#$id',function(){return false;});



		return $buttons;




In the form I indicate the params:

$form=$this->beginWidget('CActiveForm', array(





The afterValidate parameter what is going to do, is to call a js function to click the ajaxSubmitButton that was hidden once there are no validation errors

A sample of that function is:


function ajaxAfterValidate(form, data, hasError){




Finally, I just use the newly created button with the same params as I would create the ajaxSubmitButton:

echo THtml::ajaxSubmitValidatedButton('Create',CController::createUrl( 'site/create'), array('update'=>'#content'),array('name'=>'buttonId')); 

Hope this helps!

I took Qiang Xue’s suggestion from a related discussion on issue #2008 on the google code repository and created an extension of CActiveForm that encapsulates all of this and provides a clean API (almost identical to CActiveForm)

CActiveAjaxForm is available and documented on my github account (first post so can’t link) / beezee / yii_cactiveajaxform