Cactivedataprovider :pagination Load All Record At A Time Or No Of Record Specified In Pagination..

I have record of more than 1,50,000 in one table .

I have displayed record using CActiveDataProvider with pagination as below

Also i have 9 tabs ,in which all this CActiveDataProvider code exist with different criteria…

$dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider(‘test’, array(





'sort' => array(

        'defaultOrder' => 'id',

        'attributes' => array(





so how many record will get CActiveDataProvider at at time ??

20 records for each tab OR all he record for each tab…

because when the page is loaded its taking more than 15 seconds…server response is very slow

Did you found out why ?

I’m stuck with the same issue… If I determine 60 records per page or even 6 the loading time is the same and extremely looooong !