CActiveDataProvider criteria and pagination

I use CActiveDataProvider to retrive data from database with criteria

            $criteria = new CDbCriteria;

            $criteria->addSearchCondition('sku', $model->sku."%", 0);

            $criteria->addSearchCondition('type', $model->type, 1);

            $criteria->addSearchCondition('name', $model->name."%", 0);

            $dataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('Product', array(

            'criteria'=> $criteria,





                'defaultOrder'=> array('title'=>false),



            $this->render('index', array(

            'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,

            'model' => $model,



 $this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(





I provide values for type value. The code works great and display 40 results

from 200 records filtered. But when I try to view another page it shows all

200 records dataset, just like criteria filtering is not working at all.

What should I do ?

I have disabled ajax, and get request variable.

POST request with filter data is empty, GET request contain only page number variable.

No wonder that ActiveDataProvider display all data without filter values.

Hm, I can try to set filter criteria in session variable.

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?