CActiveDataProvider and Pagination

Hello guys, i have a problem.

I want to retrieve a post with a specific id and retreive all your comments.


public function actionView($id)


		$dataProvider=new CActiveDataProvider($this->loadModel($id), array(


                'order'=>'data DESC',

                'with'=>array('autore', 'comments'),











The problem.

I am not have idea how to use zii.widgets.CListView for show the post and the related comments with your pagination (and not pagination for post!).

Can you help me?

Maybe it would be easier to show only post elements (title, text) in CListView and below it to add standard CGridView, which would show all the post comments with pagination?

Hey Diegovl, You should take a look at the Yii Blog Demo. It sounds like it does what you are asking about. On the Post _view page it shows the post, all comments for that post, and a form to add comments.