Cactive Form Validation Not Working Inside Bootstrap Modal


I am using CActive form for ajax submission. The form is working correctly if it is in the page. The problem is the form is partly inside the page and partly inside the bootstrap modal pop-up. Inside the modal the validation is not working correctly.Similarly if I put the form partly inside a box in bootstrap and partly outside box then validation is not working for fields outside the box. Whether it is something related to bootstrap? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

your validation is working but not showing error message like that if it is?

then change your CSS styling etc.

if again not works then let me know your code…plz

Yes,Client side validation is not working inside modal.How can I find which css is causing problem.I think it is related to javascript. Because dynamically created components like modal pop-up and Box etc is having the problem.


If I look in browser console it is showing Empty string passed to getElementById().

plz check with firebug