Caching problem with eaccelerator

i am having the following error:

CEAcceleratorCache a besoin de l’extension PHP eAccelerator pour se charger, activée ou compilée avec l’option « --with-eaccelerator-shared-memory ».

my phpinfo looks like this:


eAccelerator support enabled

Version 0.9.6

Caching Enabled true

Optimizer Enabled true

Check mtime Enabled true

Memory Size 67,108,792 Bytes

Memory Available 61,608,352 Bytes

Memory Allocated 5,500,440 Bytes

Cached Scripts 93

Removed Scripts 0

Directive Local Value Master Value

eaccelerator.allowed_admin_path no value no value

eaccelerator.cache_dir /tmp/eaccelerator /tmp/eaccelerator

eaccelerator.check_mtime 1 1

eaccelerator.debug 0 0

eaccelerator.enable 1 1

eaccelerator.filter no value no value

eaccelerator.log_file no value no value

eaccelerator.optimizer 1 1

eaccelerator.shm_max 0 0

eaccelerator.shm_only 0 0

eaccelerator.shm_prune_period 0 0

eaccelerator.shm_size 64 64

eaccelerator.shm_ttl 0 0

is it a server issue? or yii issue?

my config file contain the following component definition:




what can i do… plz help…