Caching (Db + Page) On E-Commerce

Hello Yii users! Nice to meet all of you. I am still new to the Yii framework with only a year under my belt. It has been awesome thus far and kudos to my fellow developer friends for opening my eyes.

I have a complex question that is diverse due to the amount of varieties. It is new terrain for myself since I do not have much experience under my belt on the topic. I manage a popular online e-commerce store that handles tons of traffic on a daily basis, with sporadic spikes due to the nature of clients. We are trying to handle all of the traffic with a load balanced linux box on a single read/write DB service.

We are starting to explore caching systems at a DB level and front-end level. My main concern with caching is that e-commerce needs up to the second information from the database to handle things like; price changes, inventory fluctuation, new products…etc. I have been looking through the Yii Cache docs and came across the CDbCache class. It appears this will work well for unessential queries, queries that do not need live up to the millisecond data. We also have been looking into front-end caching like Varnish which appears to handle specific requests so we can exclude specific pages like; checkout, cart, user accounts…etc

Do you all have some pointers or insight for using caching systems in an e-commerce world? Would using the CDbCache see a major benefit on performance or would it be better to look elsewhere?

Hi cstudio,

Nice to meet you too.

At my day job the product we develop is also related to e-commerce, similar to shopify allow users to create stores.

we use memcache,redis and varnish. I would say use memcache instead of CDBCache. if you wanna know more what cache strategies we have deployed to make our service efficient and reliable PM me. I will be happy to talk to you.