Business Directory

I am pretty new to Yii and wanting to learn more about the right way to create a real application.

I am trying to see if there are any Business Directory projects or Apps that I could get, either for free or a small payment, that I could extend in Yii to do a Business Directory.

Excuse me if this is the wrong place to ask, but it seemed like it might be okay here.

I see an open source Classifieds and Real Estate app which could be a good place to start, but I am not sure if everything would be included so I could extend it as needed for the Business Directory.

Did you find any reference for the business directory?

Also, would you please tell me about the classifieds and real estate open source you found?


You can try Dclassifieds built on yii. For real estate you can try ‘Open Real Estate 1.6.0’

If you have specific requirement you have to built own

I have developed the directory system and now extending it further with more features. check at but it is not open source nor it is for download. :(