Buscando programador con Español

Hola! Estoy buscando un desarollador de Yii que hable español. Una persona bilingüe con inglés sería mejor, pero no es necesario. Abajo puedes encontrar la descripción en inglés (te recomiendo Google Translate si no puedes entender en inglés, porque habría sido un desastre si hubiera intentado escribirla en español). Eventualmente, voy a tener clientes en países de español, entonces tengo interes ahora en formar una relación con un hablante con mas talento que yo. Envíame un mensaje si tienes interés.

Initially, this would be a small project to trial working together on a simple implementation of an application with 3-4 model classes and an implementation of the srbac and bootstrap Yii extensions (or similar). The long term goal is an AJAX-centric web application to replace an existing antiquated system that focuses on online applications for human resources departments, universities, and small-to-medium sized business job applicants.

Physical location is not important, as a combination of e-mail, Skype, a VCS, and BitBucket should be more than adequate for effective collaboration.

The extensions and software listed below are my idea of what works together the best, but I am open to suggestions as to better and more efficient means of developing and collaborating if you see a better way to do things.

Funding will be available to start mid-August 2012. Compensation is negotiable with the right person.

Necessary skills include:

  • Experience with the Yii framework & MySQL

  • jQuery experience

  • Basic linux server use and setup

  • Good communication skills and documentation habits

Additional background (or a willingness to learn) that would be nice:

  • Yii srbac extension (or similar user rights management extension)

  • Yii bootstrap extension

  • Creating Yii extensions

  • Multiple language support

  • Mercurial VCS or similar DVCS software

  • PHPUnit

  • PHPDoc

  • Ubuntu server edition

  • Amazon EC2/S3 or similar cloud offering.

  • Load balancing/redundancy and other high traffic volume/robustness considerations.

  • Security considerations.

Please send me a private message to discuss further if interested in starting with a small trial project, hopefully as a base for more work together in the future.



Hola estoy muy interesado en que trabajemos juntos, tengo varias aplicaciones que he hecho y puedo mostrarte.