Builtwith.com Displays Yii Framework In My Website Information


In builtwith.com, sometimes if we search for a yii website it displays the Yii Framework as the framework/CMS, but for other yii websites builtwith doesn’t display the Yii Framework or any other framework/CMS, it only displays PHP. With a default yii website the builtwith shows the Yii Framework in the website information. Only if I remove the protected folder, the builtwith.com stops displaying the Yii Framework. What can I do for builtwith.com to not display that my website is using the Yii Framework? The reason is for security reasons, I don’t want people to know what kind of framework or CMS I used in the development of my website.

I don’t have Gii module enabled in my protected/config/main.php

I also removed the Yii::powered() function from protected/views/layouts/main.php

What can I do?

Thank you.

Rename protected to myproject then change the path in your index.php


That should do it…


It doesn’t work. Builtwith.com still shows “Yii Framework”.

What else can I change?

Thank you for your answer.