Built With Yii Framework

Hello everyone,

Just launched simple showcase of Yii powered websites and applications. Bit a bit gonna grow up to interesting project laters…


listing look changed

feel free to submit your app / website data

Hi Kudzu,

nice looking site with clean (and minimalist) design. I like

here is the clickable link : BuiltwithYii.com

(some features are still to finish right ? )


thank you .) yes! more options for application / websites, like which components /extensions been used, if it’s open source you could provide link to sources and of course etc.

Good job.

Submitted http://pressenter.com.ar! :)

Comments doesn’t work, by the way…

very excellent and useful.

Thank`s a lot.

Thanks for replies.

Sorry, guys a bit busy now, gonna back sooon

Comments added. I used ‘disqus’.

Working on.


It’s getting better… :slight_smile:

I guess you know this, the "Comments" link goes to a non existing page…

Updated again. Now im going to prepare next stage of this project. It will separate showcases to just websites with short description and to developers ( builders ) part, where you could found github (git) integration, show development process and invite people to join development on your application. Hope that will works fine for Yii community.

Hi. Small survey: What you would like to discover in Yii applications / development process?

  • Which extensions and how been used.

  • Architecture representation.

  • Link to GitHub.

What’s more?

Really loving it!

And about the survey, I would like to know anything about the development process…

Knowing about other developers workflow is great…

Thank you.

Yes, is gonna be fresh breeze for Yii community. Im trying to make it simple as possible, but too much parsers and mods are needed .)

Guys, will try to show prototype of developers part this week. Let me get extensions first.

For far far far n… future, we need to make manifest to make possible create builder packages / sceletons with any extensions.

Oh, please, let me collect all my things .)

Evolving under dark moon <_<


Built With Yii got Metro style! :)

looks very nice & clean !!