Building Yii Kiosk Like Application ?


I need help on client/server application using PHP.

We have server application made using PHP, and we use Linux + Apache + Mysql as server located at our main office. This application must can be called from our branches located in other city.

Other people outside of our staff are not allowed to access the application. Because the application is made in PHP, so we need a "customize web browser client" at client side. And they may not click "back button, refresh button, right click" etc … which normally available at any web browser. This "back, refresh, right click, etc" features can effect our application.

I think we need some thing like "kiosk web browser, that has special identity (like userAgent string)" that may access our php application at main office (via VPN from another city). At server side, we can catch this userAgent string, and only allow this modified browser to access our application (other web browser are blocked).

There is R-kiosk addon for firefox to make "kiosk web browser". But we can not change the "userAgent" of firefox permanently. There is another addon for changing userAgent string temporary, but it will setted to default string after firefox restart.

*) Is there any browser that can be modified to "kiosk mode" and we can change the "userAgent string" of the browser ?

*) Or how can we make a simple browser with Yii or other tools ? This browser has NO back button, NO refresh button, NO right click, NO URL input, NO menus, etc. It is just a plain browser with image & css render capability. And we must can set the Useragent string for this new browser.

Any idea ?




Opera has a kiosk mode, (official documentation currently not available), I’ve never used it.

Thanks seb7,

Yes, I think the kiosk mode can be done in Opera. But, the problem is the same as firefox, I can not change the "useragent string". I found this :

It just can change the useragent string to some other browser id, but i want to set is as "myuseragent" (totally different) . And this string can be cat at php application.


Relying on the user agent string isn’t adequate from a security perspective, because people can use tools to send any string that they like without any restrictions in their interface.

One option might be to distribute a desktop application with an embedded browser. .Net makes that very easy.

Hi Keith,

Thank you for your clue. Can you give me links how to do that with .NET ? I have no experiences using .NET , but if it’s not so difficult to do it, i will try to learn it :rolleyes:

Another question: at client side, the OS is not only windows, it can be also Linux. And .NET application will not work in Linux (I think). Can we use Java or other tools to embed browser ?


Well, it’s very easy if you have experience developing in .Net. I’m sure other desktop environments provide similar tools.

If you need to support Linux, .Net probably isn’t the way to go, especially as the inbuilt browser uses the IE rendering engine.