Building Lists - Advice Needed

I have a db table of items. I want to let a user to build a list of items and save them to the db. I need advice on how to create a user friendly interface. My initial idea is to have a box on the left with the list of items and a box on the right where the user can drag and drop the items to build the list. I was also thinking of having a box on the left and a box on the right and having the user simply click the item and it appears in the list on the right. The problem is that I want to the user to be able to sort the items in their list before they save it.

  1. Is there anything in Yii that can help me make this happen?

  2. If I do drag and drop, how well will that work on touchscreens like phones and tablets (i am using bootstrap to reformat my site for those devices)?