Building Guide Document Text Into Offline Chm Compilable Html


I am looking for a way to convert the Guide (and possibly blog) to a nice HTML that can be compiled to CHM.

I wanted to write Python/PHP script to do that but I wanted to know how does Yii Generate its Online version of the two.

Anyone to Guide me to write that without converting latex (which I have tried and failed)

I would especially be interesting in format of the .txt files in Yii/doc/guide as well as styling done in online Guide

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This maybe not exact answer to your question, but Yii uses console commands which are part of Yii source. You can check them on the github and adopt to your needs.

Thanks seb,

The commands ends up with latex which in turn get converted to PDF via pdflatex. I cannot find decent tool to convert latex to decent html and I ended disappointed. That’s why I decided I would ask help to roll my script to do that!

I think the best tool is Pandoc

I’ll definitely try that myself. :)

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I have tried every thing possible to find on net including much in the link (latex2html, hevea et al) and every link and what I have found is, latex is not easily convertible to html let alone CHM. I ended up with horrible output.

I see the only way is to workout the format from text files in docs, so that instead of producing latex it will produce the needed format. May be it is a time to move to docbook? I’m not good at it but It have many formats and it works fine.

I don’t know what to suggest but HTML is very common format and I wonder why it is not naturally supported.

I would be happy if it happens to be the solution.

I will try too and post results later!

Thanks for that :)


The better way to stay away with converters would be to revive the script written by @samdark in link below