Build basic application to assign roles and permission in yii

Hello Everyone,

Can any one has built some tutorial or code sample to use in yii so that we can build rbac based application to assign roles and permissions to user.

don’t have much information and its not clear.

Can anyone share their full code to build proper structure in yii 2.0 basic

Man… To apply a RBAC in Yii you shoud folow the doc: RBAC

But you shoud folow about migrations to, it create all tables that you need to implements end use RBAC. Use it: yii migrate --migrationPath=@yii/rbac/migrations

I don’t remenber exactly how to run it, but you try run it into your app migrations folder.

Like Calcio said.

Everything is explained in the guide…

And after following the guide,

when you want to manage RBAC from web-interface you can use for example: