Bug in the forum

once in the members list you hit the "position" to sort the members by their position in displays this error:

string(185) "Database Error: ERROR:  function ifnull(character varying, boolean) does not exist

HINT:  No function matches the given name and argument types. You may need to add explicit type casts."

string(8) "database"

string(64) "/www/yiiframework.com/htdocs/public/forum/Sources/Memberlist.php"


Just thought to point this out.

Beta version…

yeah, we are awaiting formal stable release to upgrade this forum.

Which brings me to the next question in why using this free old forum software. There are others out there that offer so much more for free or for a small fee.

I talked to qiang about this a while ago and at that time there was no need to upgrade the board for something more convenient, But now the number of members is growing and so is the number of posts and topics so the need for a good forum software is required. As i said before and the offer still  on the table, I have a licenses for IPB that i can give to qiang to use it here, There is a script that converts SMF to IPB so there should be no problem in maintaining everything. I have been a member of Yii since it's early releases and still am, Contributing to Yii is something i did, do and will continue in doing. I think i have a lot to offer since i am ZCE & ZFCE.

It just a matter of taking this into action.