Bug in the definitive guide commenting

I wanted to post a comment, but it gives me an error:


CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23503]: Foreign key violation: 7 ERROR: insert or update on table "yii_comments" violates foreign key constraint "yii_comments_author_id_fkey"

DETAIL: Key (author_id)=(kjedi) is not present in table "yii_users".

Please fix this, I want to comment :)

Fixed. This is caused by case issue. Thanks.

Yes, it's fixed, but there was a note, that I can use markdown syntax there… Inline constructions are OK, and code blocks are not… Is that my error or a bug? gould you take a look at this comment:http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/basics.component#c21

For code blocks, you need to use the following:

code block here

Optionally, you can specify the language for highlighting using:

[php]   (or other language)

code block here

Make sure you preview your comment before submitting.

In the syntax description is written, that I should simply indent it by 4 spaces or 1 tab to make it look like code.

I didn't see any button for preview, only for "post".

I was you corrected it - thanks a lot!

If you use indent, make sure you have an empty line before the block.