[BrowserExtension] App for testers and developers


My app is created using Yii2 Framework (it’s backend which is very small website) + JS code for extension itself.

I would like present my browser extension I recently released. It’s about making your work easier and less painfull. Many times in my programmer career I felt like monkey doing repetable task. I had for instance bug in big report to investigate. There was no automate test so I was forced to fill the report parameters everytime I changed something. Sometimes 40 times a day. It was not only time-consuming but also iritating.

So I created 4mStash. This little guy will help you immediately save and restore any form you need(or part of form)

How to create form?


How to restore form?



You can do it with your mouse or using hotkeys (Shift+Alt+1 - for listing forms) (Shift+Alt+2 for saving current form). Shift+Alt+1 hotkey also moves focus to next form when forms listing is opened.

Scenarios for using this extensions are endless. Basically half of the web are forms and second half are text and pictures. Imagine you can easily speed up any daily work you do on different websites: it can be sending repeatable emails through browser client, adding some customers to CRM system, storing test credentials for different services, adding multiple similar records to PHPMyAdmin. It can even automate some actions on browser games. You add 20 bugs in JIRA or other tracking system on daily basis? And all of them differs only with title and description sharing 10 others fields? Use 4mStash.

Just go to website and download extension by clicking big buttons and the bottom of the page:


Thanks for using & for any feedback.