Broken link in CTreeView


I ran into an odd problem with CTreeView. I want to set up a tree so that each node is hyperlinked and points to a parameterized controller/action. In order to provide the data I have provided the model with the following methods:

public function buildTree()


		return array($this->buildNode());


	public function buildNode()


		return array(

			'text' => $this->createLink(), 

			// additional params



	public function createLink()


		return CHtml::link(CHtml::encode("test"), array('controller/view', 'id'=>1));


The controller gathers the data:

	public function actionView($id)


		$model = $this->loadModel($id);

		$treeDataProvider = $model->buildTree(); 



			'treeDataProvider' => $treeDataProvider,



And the view looks like this:

echo $model->createLink(); 

$this->widget('system.web.widgets.CTreeView', array(

	'data' => $treeDataProvider,


On my development machine (W7 64bit Apache 2 PHP5.3.6 Yii 1.1.9) both the urls are identical, but on the webserver (Linux, apache 2, php 5.2.17, yii 1.1.9) the echoed url generated by createLink is correct (/controller/1), but the url in the treeview looks like


I do not understand what is causing this discrepancy. Both urls are generated by the same code. Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance,