Bring hybridAuth(supports 29 social providers) to yii

Hi, I found:

Which is a well documented class for login/integration with up to 29 diffrent providers.


Figured stuff out so go here if you are curios

It’s easy enough. :)

And even easier to just grab a couple similar extensions - search for Facebook, Twitter, etc in the extensions section of the Yii site.

Or the wiki.

If you still don’t know where to start, and/or how to attack this, I’ll probably throw in some code for you - if I’m not beaten by others.


Implement UserIdentity::authenticate - make it use that multiauth extension (instead of a database/plain text).

That’s probably all you need to do, if using the standard generated Yii app.

By the way: nice find! :D

I am about to write an app where I need it, so perfect timing.

It’s fairly new too. Not bad.


This got a bit long but I think its an interesting find. Mostly Because hybridAuth has already taken care of all the headaches it is to integrate a shitload of diffrent api’s etc.

They even have working full blown social hub examples. The only thing left for us is to make it work in yii also.

:P I looked at all the extensions,tried them, the only one that was updated/worked well was yii-facebook-opengraph :P It is nothing wrong with it, I shared a demo-app where I used that and browserid/persona login.

So I already have all the functions for creating a new User and connecting it to a provider.

I’m currently building an app where I will need more then those two though. Looked at twitters/google’s own pages and many blog posts, Sending tweets was easy enough But never quite got hang of the auth part:p

So when I by pure chance stumbled over this due to an 2 year old post here on the forum I got super excited XD The docs and examples are great, But with all those files/classes changing one thing screws up another and after I while I stranded on some I didn’t know how to fix :P

Even though I realise it really shouldn’t be that hard:p

But I really need it and I think it would be appreciated here.

Perhaps going thrue the extensions for cakePHP and/or codeigniter would be usefull.

I believe a module would be the most convenient way to attack this, It’s how I got the furthest in my attempts XD

I think it should work something like this:

*The user presses a link for one provider,which creates an request to the module which does some magic, and when done runs a method in whatever User model the developer has and passes the needed info to create a new user and connect it to the provider_uid.

*I think having some yii methods for example sending a tweet or display available userinfo.

could be usefull.

Never had much success trying to make a module of it:(

Putting it in the root and doing ajaxRequests seems to work a bit better. Not really cool though.

Ran across this library on HackerNews recently…already has a configuration for yii, so might be a good way to get this moving. HybridAuth is definitely more complete, but this has yii "support"…