I would like to see breadcrumb component in Yii

You can create one and share it as an extension. :wink:

I'll try to port breadcrumb used in PRADO into Yii soon, when I'll be familiarized with Yii so much like with PRADO.

You know… feature request board is created for requests like mine :).

I've been thinking about good ways to implement this, the simplest way i can think of is to pass in name location pairs to a widget.


But, it'd be nice to load the widget once in the main layout. Qianq, could I use flash messages to hold the most recent links with name?

I don't think flash message is appropriate here.

I made a simple breadcrumb widget (i'll post it up tomorrow), it'd be nice if it were based off of some large array, the array could also be used to create a sitemap.xml

ideas ideas…

Anyways, here's what it looks like:

  // breadcrumbs

  $crumbs = array(


              ''=>'Frequently Asked Questions',


  $this->widget('application.extensions.VsWidgets.VsBreadCrumb', array('crumbs'=>$crumbs,'delimiter'=>'→'));