Branding. Is "yii 2 Framework" Preferred?

While writing a job description I discovered I didn’t know how to write this:

[indent]Develop server-side webapp pages using Yii 2 Framework.[/indent]

I need to specify version 2 for various reasons. 2.0 would be wrong because I would upgrade to whatever is newest.

But is that the right position for the "2"? Should it be at the end? Should a "v" or "V" be involved and if so, does it need a period?

Until now it was simple: "Yii Framework" is clearly the preferred form for the full name. I think Yii 2 is sufficiently different and better that it can profit from its own distinct name. For example, the Symfony folk seem to have chosen "Symfony2" to brand their v2.

If a preferred form already exists, what is it? Otherwise now might be a good time to start thinking about it.

I would say Yii 2 or Yii2.

You prefer to see it without "Framework"?

I’m pretty sure there’s no need for extra ‘framework’ part. Yii is already well-known.

Example: you can say “Develop using PHP programming language”, but that’s a little bit redundant, cause everyone knows what PHP is.

Last time I wrote it in such a description as "Yii Framework version 2".

I’ve been interviewing a lot in recent weeks and plenty of relevant candidates haven’t heard of Yii. The reader can google it and it’s the first hit but adding that one word explains a lot.

I prefer to say Yii2.

It won’t hurt adding “framework”.

"Yii2" in a www page is likely to be indexed by a search engine as a word. That can make various useful searches possible that could be harder if people use "Yii 2". One stupid example:

Being searchable is a real gain. So, if it were up to me, which it obviously is not, I’d say:

[center][font="Arial Black"][size="4"]Use either

"Yii2" or "Yii2 Framework"[/size][/font]

depending on your needs.[/center]

Sounds good to me but the argument about searchable does not really count. google is smart enough to detect Symfony2 and Symfony 2 to belong to the same thing:

Well, sure, Google is smart. My search engine less so :(