Braindumps free testing tool and learning center - powered by Yii

Hi all,

I would like to show you a website I created for a group of friends to practice for certification exams. We finally decided to release it as a free website so anyone can use it and benefit from it.

Registration is easy and free ;)

Currently there are two main sections:

  1. Mock exams. This is a free tool which tests your knowledge on a particular technology. In this section we’ve tried to simulated a real examination as much as possible. This is useful if you are preparing to take a certification exam or just to keep your knowledge fresh. We will try to keep this section constantly updated.

  2. Learning center. This is a free tool for learning. Currently, it’s kind of gidital flash cards where you are presented with a technology term which you are trying to study and its description is hidden until you click the show answer button. Every registered user can create/manage his/her own sections here.

This site is still work in progress and lots of new tools and features will appear with the time.

Constructive criticism is more then welcome :) also suggestions on how to improve it will be considered.

If you find any bugs please let me know so I can fix them asap :P

Enjoy and hope it helps someone.

that My exams part is really nice… :D

+1 for this.

Good idea!