Bootstrap With Yii

Hi ,

I would like to know is there any way to generate yii project with bootstrap support.

The project which is generated by yiic command does not contains any bootstrap file.Although i know we can manually download file and put it in extension folder.



Take a look at YiiBoilerplate extension. Good luck.

If you don’t want to modify yii’s directory structure, or don’t need to do it, you can use /index.php and /index_test.php as your bootstraps, and /protected/tests/bootstrap.php as your bootstrap for phpunit and selenium tests.

If you need to control the execution of your scripts, you may alter routing configuration in /protected/config/main.php, or set the CMap structures to the paths you need.

If you want to run some code in the application initialization, you can attach a callback to the onBeginRequest application object event.

Read this wiki page for complete information: yii directory structure.

If you need a developer team environment, then follow Mr. JFReyes recommendation, but I’m having doubts about Gii’s (by example) behavior in these kind of environments.

Happy programming!

There are numerous Gii extensions which supports Bootstrap.

Do a search and you shall find. :)

I think AweCrud is one… Don’t remember the details.

Search (using Google) and open a support topic in Extensions forum if you get stuck and/or have further questions.